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Turn Times


Turn Time Expectations

It is our goal to offer the best service possible at all times to make your experience with AnnieMac Wholesale the best it can be. We have outlined below the Service Level Expectations of each step in our process. We cannot guarantee these times but we strive to deliver the responses within the outlined times. These times are contingent on having a complete file. You are always welcome to check with your AE or Account Manager for an accurate assessment of the progress of your file.

  • Opening/Disclosing Loan - All functions completed and loan submitted to Underwriting by the following day if file received by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • Underwriting - A decision to be issued within 48 hours of Underwriting receiving the file.
  • Conditions - The Account Manager receives and assesses the conditions first and will do that within 24 hours of receiving the conditions. If conditions are complete, the Account Manager will submit them to the Underwriter to clear. The Underwriter will address within 48 hours.
  • Closing - The final conditions must be in 72 hours prior to close in order for the Account Manager to address all final conditions and updates, the Underwriter to sign off for the Clear to Close, and the Closer to issue the document package.

We thank you for your business and we will strive to deliver the best experience possible!

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